Race Review: The Tough Mudder 15 K

Race Review: The Tough Mudder 15 K

Imagine an idea where you come up with an absurd obstacle course which forces people to exercise, push themselves to their max limit and best of all, pay $120 to do it!

Well, that's what the PR team at Tough Mudder has done! 

I guess you realize your on the wrong side of your 20's when you'd rather spend your Saturday punishing yourself than a day at the beach. 

All jokes aside, what a great experience the Tough Mudder was. With options of a 5K, 10 K and 15 K there is a race really for anyone in all fitness aspects. With absolutely zero training and any idea of what the Tough Mudder entailed, we decided to skip the 5K and leap frog all the way to the 15 K..... bad idea. 

Although the muder was a blast it was with no doubt challenging. For starters, I envisioned running through a few measly puddles of water, some dry dirt and a few obstacles such as monkey bars. 


The opening began with a trek through 3 feet of Mud which I am convinced was actually just horse sh*t or at least had the aroma of it. Slipping, sliding into big piles of mud pies just to be greeted with an obstacle. 

Now running a 15 K is already a physical feat in it's own, however, throw in 20+ obstacles, rain and mud thicker than Willy Wonkas fudge.... you can see how 4 below average males could have some hiccups. 

Let's move on to the obstacles. Like I mentioned, some bars and hurdles were what I was envisioning. Instead a 50 foot rope climb, a trench of electrical shock, ice bath water and all sorts of activities which require full body submergence into a mud filled lake. I felt like Wilbur in Charlottes web just rolling around in a pig pen gasping for air. 

All that being said, it was an absolute blast to finish this race and the beer after tasted glorious despite the Mud martini that was in my mouth.


If you're looking to push yourself to the limit and be surrounded by groups of people trying to achieve the same goal... the Tough Mudder is a great way to kickstart a fitness journey. 

Maybe just do some research, really any research on what to expect unlike myself.